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  • Heat Masks

    Ocusoft and Bruder Moist Heat Compresses
    • These moist heat masks are one of the best options for chronic dry eye, active or chronic styes, or even sinus pressure around the eyes. 
    • Heating these masks up in the microwave for a few seconds gives a prolonged heat source to help treat many forms of anterior surface disease.  In many causes the meibum or fatty part of the tears gets too thick and it does not flow as well.  This imbalance causes eyes to be dry and tears to evaporate quicker and be thinner and more watery.  The heat helps to ‘melt’ the meibum secretions in the lid glands, which makes a more balanced tear film and healthier, more comfortable eyes if done consistently. 

    Fog Blocker Cloths

    • Everyone with glasses has experienced the unfortunate effect of fogging when wearing face masks.
    • These dry microfiber cloths are multi-use and can be used up to 500 times!
    • The effect lasts all day long.
    • They are safe to use on any lenses with any coatings.

    Artificial TearsĀ 

    • There are many brands of rewetting drops on the market, and all are definitely not created equal.
    • Be sure to talk to Dr. Bauder about your concerns so that she can give you samples and recommendations of the best drop options for your particular eyes and needs. 


    • Peeps are designed to clean your glasses without any spray or cleaners.
    • Their unique invisible carbon cleaning compound safely and easily cleans your glasses from oily fingerprint smudges, dust and facial oils.

    Reading Glasses and Blue Light Glasses

    • We have a variety of over the counter reading glasses in different powers.
    • In addition, we also have glasses with a blue light filter. These are available in plano (no prescription), as well as common reading powers.
    • We carry peepers brand blue light glasses for teens and adults.
    • We carry Roshambo brand blue light filters for children. These start at toddler size to protect even the littlest eyes from the damaging lights during their screen time.


    • Spectotes are fashionable eyeglasses lanyards for your readers, blue light filters, or even sunglasses. This is an alternative to putting them on top of your head or clipping onto your shirt. When the glasses aren’t on, it looks just like you are wearing a stylish necklace. Fashion meets function! We have a wide variety of styles and colors.


    • Tired of your glasses slipping down your nose? Sometimes, no matter how perfectly adjusted the frame is, certain conditions like heat and sweat will cause it to slip.
    • Nerdwax is a beeswax based blend of all natural, cosmetic grade ingredients specifically formulated to keep your glasses in place
    • Nerdwax is easily applied by rolling the tube along the nosepads of your glasses.
    • Nerdwax works by creating a layer of friction between your glasses and your skin.