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    • Uptown Eye Care fits a wide selection of contact lenses including gas permeable, soft disposable, extended wear, single use daily disposable lenses and multi-use (2 week or monthly replacement) lenses.  

      Your Contact Lens Evaluation is a separate service apart from your eye examination and requires a separate fee or vision plan copay. Check with your vision plan provider for this coverage amount as it varies among plans.  

      At your evaluation, we will assess the fit of the lenses.  Dr. Bauder makes sure the lens is sitting properly on your eye, that the corneal and conjunctival tissue is healthy, and that the lens moves adequately.  A lens that is too tight does not allow the eye to breathe, and a lens that is too loose can cause comfort and stability issues.  Often, Dr. Bauder may see signs of contact lens overwear or intolerance that would require a different type of lens, medication, or taking a break from wearing lenses for a period of time.  

      For new wearers, you will be fit with diagnostic lenses, and trained on the proper insertion, removal and care of them.  We will make sure you are trained and comfortable with the lenses before dispensing them to you.  You will be scheduled for a follow up to assess the fit, vision, and comfort typically after a 1-2 week trial period.  At this followup we will make any necessary adjustments and often finalize your prescription.  

      For our established contact patients, we will discuss your methods of replacement, disinfecting, and overall compliance and make recommendations to keep your eyes at their healthiest.  We will also discuss the newest advancements in contact lens materials and solutions. 

      For Soft Lenses, we fit lenses from the following companies:

      • Coopervision (Biofinity, Clariti, My Day)
      • Vistakon (Acuvue Vita, Acuvue Oasys)
      • Ciba Vision (Air Optix family, Aqua Comfort Plus, Total Dailies)
      • Bausch and Lomb (Purevision, Biotrue, Ultra)

      If you tried contacts in the past and could not wear them, give it another try!  There are new and improved lenses on the market continually and we have many patients who have not been able to wear lenses historically be able to do so in a newer lens.  In addition, there are many new toric lenses for astigmatism and multifocal options available. 

      Purchasing your contact lenses with Uptown Eye Care means you are guaranteed the highest quality from a reputable source.  We provide you with rebates, free shipping for annual supplies, and competitive pricing. 


      More Info on Contact Lens Products

    • Contact Lens Complications

      Contact lenses are an amazing convenience, but they are also a huge responsibility.  Many people misuse their contacts by not wearing them as directed.  You will be given instructions about how your contact lenses are prescribed.  It is very important to adhere to this schedule of when to remove, how often to replace them, which products to use to clean them and how to care for your lenses. Complications from non-compliance does not happen instantly, but builds up over time, and eventually will catch up with you.  We see it every day, and do not want this for you!  If you have any questions about your particular prescribed regimen or what products are recommended, please call our office and we will be happy to get you on the right path.