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    • What to Expect at Your Exam

      Many offices schedule patients every 10-15 minutes.  You come in and out with unanswered questions, and feel like you didn't get the care you deserve.  We are different at Uptown Eye Care.  We schedule plenty of time for your visit with us.  When you are in our office, you are the most important person at that moment and we focus completely on your needs.  We have taken every measure to make sure the office is appealing, and comfortable while you are there.  

      While the office may give the feel of a simpler time with antique fixtures, and the historic charm of yesterday, we have all the modern technology and conveniences that are important to today's society. Uptown Eye Care embraces the high-tech age that we are living in and will always be researching the newest products and services that we can offer to our patients. 

      Health Records and Patient Portal

      We have a secure electronic health records system to help us maintain your privacy while making it easy for us to communicate with your other providers and pharmacies. You can even schedule your own appointment online when you have time, even if it is after hours or on the weekend. In our patient portal, you can safely message our staff, view your account, look at your upcoming appointments, and be in control of your healthcare. You can fill out your Patient Information forms ahead of time to make it more convenient for you.  If you require a medical prescription, we can electronically prescribe it directly to your pharmacy to begin filling before you even leave our office.  We even send out email and text reminders when it's time to schedule your next appointment, to confirm and even when your glasses and contacts are ready to pick up. 

      Diagnostic Equipment

      We have updated to state of the art technology to allow us to give you the best exam possible.  Some of the equipment we use at our office includes:

      • Digital Phoropter Refracting System to improve accuracy of your prescriptions
      • Slit Lamp Camera to take photos and video of the front surface of your eyes
      • Retinal camera to take photos of your retinas
      • Visual Field Testing to monitor your peripheral vision
      • OCT Technology for detailed views of your optic nerve and macula

      Patient Education

      The most important part of an exam is listening to the patient.  We make sure we truly listen to and understand what you are telling us in your history, as well as addressing any concerns you have after the examination.