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  • Sharing the Gift of Sight

    One of the things Dr. Bauder is excited about as a new business owner is to have the opportunity to give back to the community of Westerville, as well as people around the world. 


  • His Eyes Honduras


    Dr. Bauder did a missions trip with the Fellowship of Christian Optometrists to Honduras during optometry school.  Her family still partners with His Eyes Honduras to sponsor a child there through their Milk Project program that Dr. Bauder was able to experience and serve in firsthand. She hopes to return to Honduras in the future to work with the eye clinic and other missions projects there.  The clinic does exams at their office location, but also goes on brigades, taking eye care to villages that would never get that opportunity, sometimes hours away. It was a monumental event in Dr. Bauder's life and hopefully she can experience that again in person, as well as find ways to partner with the full time missionaries there.  To learn more about this mission opportunity and the work they are doing there, follow the Colbys at their website.  Stay tuned to our website and facebook page about ways that you can help share the gift of sight in Honduras and around the world. 


  • Lions Club

    Uptown Eye Care will be very involved with the Lions Club.  Dr. Parrish has been a long-time members of the Westerville Lions Club.  

    The Lions are well-known for their service to the blind and visually impaired.  Hellen Keller challenged the Lions to become "knights of the blind in the crusade against darkness." Some of the local projects include:

    • providing vision testing equipment to schools
    • collecting eyeglasses
    • offering glaucoma screenings
    • providing Pilot dogs for the blind
    • offering cataract removal surgery for those in need

    With Dr. Bauder's interest in Low Vision, the Lions Club is of great interest to her.  After settling into her new role at UEC, she is excited to join the Lions Club and see how she can help serve alongside the visually impaired in our community. 

    Meanwhile, Uptown Eye Care will serve as a location to drop off your used eyeglasses.  These will be given to patients who are not able to afford eyewear.  Dr. Bauder will also continue providing free eye care to those who are qualified through the Lions Club program, as Dr. Parrish has done previously.  

    Check out the local Lions Club website for their upcoming events.  

  • Neighborhood Bridges

    Neighborhood Bridges is a community project put together by Westerville Resident Rick Bannister.  Rick is a Westerville resident with big dreams of kindness.  "I have seen the tremendous needs that we have in Westerville. I am also 100% sure that we have residents, families, and businesses who are eager to fill those needs!  I think we are always better when we understand our neighbors and can help one another. Westerville is ready for neighborhood bridges – and we can be an example for other communities in how we care for one another.”  

    Uptown Eye Care is thrilled to be a part of such an outstanding organization.  We have provided eye exams and free glasses to students who have been identified to be in need by their school support staff.  We hope to be able to provide sight, and therefore improve learning and impact the futures of many students through this program as well as helping bridge kindness in other ways.  Check out their website www.westervillebridges.org to see if there is a need you can fill for someone and remember that #kindnessiscool.

  • Missionary Sponsorship

  • Mission Trip: Dominican Republic

  • Local Schools and Organizations