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  • Lens Options

    Although the frame is the part that gets the most attention, the lenses are the most important part of your glasses because they help you see!  There are many options and our experienced optician will help you find the right lens materials, coatings, and lens design that will make your glasses a perfect fit for your lifestyle. 

    Step 1: Choose a lens design based on the doctor's recommendation and your prescription.  This includes Single Vision, Bifocals and Trifocals, Progressive Addition Lenses and Computer or Occupational Lenses. There are also specialty lenses such as the Hoya Sync lens to help with eye fatigue. 

    Step 2: Choose the material.  Plastic, Polycarbonate, Trivex and High Index are options based on your prescription. Glass is another type of lens material, but due to safety concerns, we do not sell this at our office.  The different materials have different indices of refraction, making them have different weights, thicknesses and levels of impact resistance. 

    Step 3: Choose Lens color.  Do you want clear lenses, light-reactive lenses or sunglasses? 

    Step 4: Choose additional coatings to enhance your visual experience.  These include antireflective coatings, scratch coatings, and even a mirror coating for high fashion sunwear.  

  • Based on your prescription, career, and hobbies we help you choose the best lens design for you.  Many patients opt for multiple pairs for different tasks.  Just as we have different tools for different tasks, we need different glasses for different visual tasks.  Progressive lenses are a great multi-purpose tool, but have limitations with the patient who likes to read in bed, or stares at a computer for 8 hours straight.  In this instance, the patient would benefit from a second pair of reading glasses for reading in bed and a pair of computer glasses for work to give the maximum visual outcome.  

    • Single Vision Distance
    • Single Vision Reading 
    • Single Vision Computer
    • Bifocal
    • Trifocal
    • Progressive Addition Lenses (No Lines)
    • Computer Progressives
    • Specialty Sync Lens

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  • Step 3: Lens Color

    Lenses don't have to be clear!  There are many different ways to customize your lenses for your particular fashion style or your active lifestyle. 

    • Light-Reactive lenses (Transitions and Hoya Sensity)
    • Polarized Sun lenses 
    • Tinted Lenses (Grey, Brown, Green, Pink, Purple/Blue, Yellow, Amber)
    • Solid Tints or Gradient Fashion Tints
    • Blu-Tech Blue Light Protective Lenses
  • Coatings are the final step in customizing your lenses.  There are various types of coatings that can make your lenses go the extra mile for you.  On top of the obvious benefits these bring, many of the anti-reflective coatings come equipped with a one to two year scratch warranty. 

    • Anti-Scratch Coating
    • Ultraviolet Coating
    • Anti-Reflective Coating
      • Standard Coating
      • Premium Coating
      • Blue Light Filtering AR Coating



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